Issue 4 / 2020



  1. Atrial fibrillation ablation – from surgery to radiofrequency, cryo and beyond
    Dan Musat, Suneet Mittal
  2. Left bundle branch pacing: the new kid on the block
    Andra Gurgu, Dragos Cozma, Mihail G. Chelu
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis as cardiovascular risk factor: an update
    Calin D. Popa
  4. Effective management of patients with electrical storm – networking and VT unit as essential parts for a successful outcome
    Elena Ene, Karin Nentwich, Phillipp Halbfaß, Kai Sonne, Arthur Berkovitz, Thomas Deneke
  5. Arrhythmias in cardiac sarcoidosis
    Alexandru B. Chicos


  1. Nonhomogeneous force application during typical flutter ablation explains local difficulties in lesion creation
    Decebal Gabriel Latcu, Bogdan Enache, Nazih Benhenda, Dragos Cozma, Ruben Casado-Arroyo, Frédéric Anselme, Atul Pathak, Nadir Saoudi
  2. Decoding electrocardiographic predictors of left ventricular mechanical remodeling in patients with left bundle branch block
    Oana Andrei, Florin Barbu, Liliana Anghel, Carmen Ginghina, Radu Ciudin
  3. New composite index has superior sensitivity in prediction of PVC-induced tachycardiomyopathy in patients with intermediate arrhythmic burden
    Cosmin Cojocaru, Mohamed Dardari, Dan-Andrei Radu, Stefan Bogdan, Corneliu Iorgulescu, Radu Vatasescu


  1. Successful right-sided azygos coil implantation for failed defibrillation thresholds using a 3D mapping system
    Katherine Romanowicz, Muhammad Athar, Alexandru Costea
  2. Doc, I have a pacemaker, why do I still pass out?
    Dan Musat, Mark Preminger, Luisito Banzon, Catherine Hanson, Yanire Gonzales, Susan Oliveros, Suneet Mittal
  3. Permanent His bundle pacing and atrioventricular node ablation for rate control in permanent atrial fibrillation. A case report
    Catalin Pestrea, Alexandra Gherghina, Irina Pintilie, Florin Ortan
  4. It all starts with the ECG: cardiac MRI in combination with electrophysiological study to stratify arrhythmic risk in a patient with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy and preserved LVEF
    Stefan Ailoaei, Carina-Gabriela Ureche, Alex Bostan, Laura Tapoi, Dan Ursu, Anatolie Cazacu, Radu Sascau, Cristian Statescu, Mihaela Grecu


  1. 2019 ESC Guidelines for the management of patients with supraventricular tachycardia


  1. National and international cardiology agenda 2020
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