30 years from the foundation of the Society of Cardiovascular Surgery in Romania (1989- 2019) – the vascular surgery perspective

The unprecently development in the diagnosis and in the treatment of the patients with cardiovascular disea-ses, resulting in the official recongnition of the cardio-vascular surgery speciality (1978) and of the vascular surgery speciality (1999), implicates major advances in science, research, education and in the practice in the human medical care system in the XX-th century in Romania. Professor Doctor Docent Honoris Causa Ioan Pop de Popa, Member of The Academy of Medici-ne from Romania, is The Founding President of The So-ciety of Cardiovascular Surgery, Member of The Union of the Medical Scientific Societies in Romania (1989) and The President of The First Symposium organized by this Society 21-22 June 1989 in Bucharest, Romania, having as unique theme „Surgical operations for arte-rial revascularizations“. I participated to this national surgical scientific event with one oral communication presented as first author and reflecting on the contri-butions to the development of the diagnostic and the-rapeutic cardiovascular catheterization. This Society is refounded in the beginning of the XXI-st century as The Romanian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, Pro-fessor Doctor Honoris Causa Vasile Candea, The Pre-sident of The Academy of the Scientist from Romania, (1994-2016), being the First President, in chronological order, (2001-2006) and Editor-in-Chief, and Founding Editor of its Official Journal, The Romanian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (2002-2011). The Romanian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery organizes each ear one major scientific event, with international participa-tion, also including representatives of other specialities as Cardiology and Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.

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