A single disease-systemic hypertension. How many consequences?

Introduction: T he purpose of this presentation is to highlight the measures that prevent complications of hypertension by properly advising hypertensive pati-ents on their lifestyle changes and on the consequences of non-compliance with medical prescription.

Methods: We will present the patient’s case of H.A., 45, from urban areas, smoker, obese, who was diagnosed with high blood pressure 15 years ago. After 7 years of hypertensive pulmonary disease occured, after other 8 years he suffered a stroke.

Results: At presentation: BP=160/95mmHg, HR=75b/ min, IMC=35.5 kg/m2, right hemiparesis. Total cho-lesterol=224 mg/dl, creatinine=1.6 g/dl, LVEF=37%. A relatively young, hypertensive patient who has not changed his lifestyle and has not taken his medication constantly for several years, has developed many cardi-ovascular complications of vital risk. Complex hygiene-dietetic and medical treatment was followed only after cardiac, renal and cerebral complications occurred..

Conclusions: T he role of the nurse in counseling hypertensive patients is essential, because usually they are unaware of the possibility of the occurrence of re-ductions in hypertension.

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