Assessment of cardiovascular risk factors wich can be change in patients with arterial hypertension

Objective: T he purpose of the study was to evaluate cardiovascular risk factors in a group of hypertensive patients depending on the presence of cardiovascular disease.
Methods: Between 2017-2018 years, we performed a retrospective study in which we evaluated the prevalen-ce of cardiovascular risk factors which can be change within a group of 245 hypertensive patients. The study group consisted of 99 men (40.4%) and 146 women (59.6%), the mean age being 68.44±9.98 years, with the boundaries between 44 and 92 years. The study was conducted in two groups of patients, one consisting of 137 patients with cardiovascular disease called the case group (55.9%) and another group of 108 patients (44.1%) who did not have a cardiovascular disease cal-led control group. The cardiovascular risk factors con-sidered were those modifiable such as smoking, seden-tary, systolic blood pressure, abdominal circumference, hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, increased saturated fat consumption.
Results: Patients in the case group had a weighted ave-rage per patient of cardiovascular risk factors which can be change of 5.1 with a maximum of 27 patients with 5 risk factors. Patients in the control group show-ed a weighted average per patient of cardiovascular risk factors which can be change of 3.54 with a maximum of 31 patients with 3 risk factors.
Conclusions: Patients in the case group with esta-blished cardiovascular disease exhibited a stronger aggregation of cardiovascular risk factors modifiable compared to the control group without cardiovascu-lar disease. The role of family physicians in dispensing hypertensive patients is both to change their lifestyle, and to apply and monitor antihypertensive, hypolipi-demic, antidiabetic or antiplatelet therapy.

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