Atypical clinical presentation of syncope in a young patient

Objective: We present the case of a 46-year-old male patient, without CV APP; known with operated naso-pharyngeal carcinoma, followed with chemo-radiothe-rapy treatment, whom arrived at our Clinic for a recur-rent syncope, exclusively vesperal, without emission of urine or feces.
Methods: On admission: BP=120/80 mmHg, HR=75/min, SO2=98%; Local objective: rhythmic heart sounds, without murmurs. Resting EKG route and transthora-cic Echocardiography revealed a structurally normal heart.
Results: Taking into account the medical history and the lateral-cervical fibrosis adjacent to the nasopharyn-geal carcinoma treatment, the patient was evaluated with a carotid and soft tissue ultrasound, reveling a postradic arteritis. At the moment, Holter EKG mo-nitoring is considered appropriate: intermittent sinus bradycardia, 6 seconds sinus pause with ventricular es-cape beats, reason for which the patient is recommen-ded a pacemaker implant.
Conclusions: This case, once again, highlights the im-pact of treatment and its side effects on medium to long term oncologic pathology management in a young pa-tient with no history of cardiovascular disease.

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