Blood pressure variability and arterial age

Introduction: Non-invasive arteriography is a simple, non-invasive method, which shows us new parameters like arterial stiffness, central blood pressure, pulse propagation velocity, augmentation index, forming the basis of several studies on modern assessment of cardiovascular risk. This method could be recommended in patients with or without target organ damage, and offer new possibilities for objectification of cardiovascular risk. Non-pharmacological methods – smoking cessation, combating sedentary, diet, reducing alcohol consumption involved in reducing arterial stiffness. Most patients need association of pharmacological therapy – diuretics, beta blockers, ACEI, AT1 receptor blockers, calcium channel inhibitors, etc. Methods: Our study considers this a useful, simple and affordable method. Determination of vascular stiffness and circadian TA variation gives us the opportunity to determine additional risk factors besides the conventional ones. Thus it is possible to diagnose vascular damage in asymptomatic phase, before the onset of organ damage. In the 20 patients followed, TA measuring on brachial artery was completed with arteriography and 24 hour TA monitoring. Results: We evaluate the effects of treatment and other measurements: variability, nocturnal BP, central aortic pressure. Nocturnal blood pressure decreased compared to the group treated with β-blocker ± diuretic, blood pressure variability was also a good responder. Central aortic pressure decreased better under treatment with amlodipine ± perindopril compared to previous treatment with β-blocker ± diuretic. Graphics and observations are documented with arteriography in our patient group. Conclusions: We consider that this simple method, which correlates arterial age and grade of affecting endothelial function, is still underused in daily practice.

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