Bradyarrythmia device management: the first 18 months single-centre experience

Objective: We report a single-centre experience of bra-dyarrythmia management over a period of 18 months since the initiation.
Methods: T he present study included the patients who were admitted to the Bagdasar-Arseni Emergen-cy Clinical Hospital over a period of 18 months (1st of november 2016 – 1st of may 2018) and underwent an interventional procedure for bradyarrythmia manage-ment.
Results: We performed a number of 61 procedures for bradyarrythmia consisting of 57 (93.44%) de novo implants, 2 (3.27%) box changes, 1 (1.63%) up-grade from a ventricular single chamber pacemaker to a du-al-chamber device due to pacemaker syndrome and 1 (1.63%) box change with new lead implantation due to previously damaged lead. Of the 57 de novo pacemaker insertions, 7 (12.28%) were atrial single chamber devi-ces (AAI), 15 (26.31%) were ventricular single cham-ber devices (VVI) and 35 (61.4%) were dual-chamber devices. Major complications occured in one (1.63%) patient and consisted of subacute right ventricular free wall perforation and minor complications occured in 4 (7.01%) patients and included pocket hematoma (3.5%) and suture dehiscence (3.5%). Periprocedural mortality rate was 0%. Three patients (5.26%) were lost to follow-up and all of the others were alive during a follow-up of at least one month.
Conclusions: Over the past decades the implantation and management of cardiac implantable electronic de-vices has evolved and spread and new centres of pa-cemaker implantation have occured. Our hospital is a part of the National Programme for Bradyarrythmia Management and over a period of 18 months 61 pati-ents underwent an interventional procedure with low complication rate.

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