Cardiovascular complications in a oncology patient undergoing chemotherapy

Introduction: Oncology patients with cardiovascular comorbidities, undergoing chemotherapy, require in-creased medical attention, due to the multitude of pos-sible complications: cardiotoxicity, hematological and immune system disorders.

Methods: Case presentation: a 67 year old male pati-ent, suffering from ischemic dilated cardiomiopathy, old inferior mycordial infarction, previous percutane-ous transluminal coronary angioplasty (LAD, LCA). Previous episodes of atrial fibrillation converted to si-nus rhythm under therapy, left bronhopulmonary tu-mor undergoing chemotherapy, is referred to the emer-gency room for symptoms of aggravated heart failure, hypotension, leucopenia, anemia, severe thrombocyto-penia, as well as diarrhea.

Results: CT shows a necrotic, partially excavated pul-monary mass of 7,1/6,5 cm. The patient is transferred to the intensive care unit, with a presumptive diagnosis of intravascular disseminated coagulation, the patient receiving blood transfusions, returning thereafter in a septic state (procalcition=8 ng/mL), with multiple se-vere complications, the correct management of which saving the patient’s life.

Conclusions: Oncology patients with cardiovascular comorbidities can develop, due to chemotherapy, se-vere complications, and thus require a complex inter-disciplinary collaboration, between oncologist, cardio-logist, intensive care unit doctor, as their therapy is a complex and costly one, that needs to be administered as promptly as possible, in order to lengthen the survi-val of these patients and increase their life quality.

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