Chronic kidney disease at the elderly

Introduction: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a longterm impairment of renal structure and function, with implications for human health and, for the elderly is one of the predictors in quality of life. Chronic kidney disease is diagnosed as a result of screening of people at risk of kidney problems, such as those with diabetes or hypertension. Methods: It is a prospective observational study on 234 patients (74% women) hospitalized in Clinic of Geriatrics and Gerontology St. Lucas Hospital, mean age 74 ± 10 years. Th e study included patients with hypertension, diabetes and stroke in ambulatory treatment. We use the automatic biochemistry analyzer wet Targa BT3500 for determining urea and serum creatinine (normal urea = 15 – 40 mg/dl, serum creatinine = 0.6 – 1.3 mg/dl). Creatinine clearance was calculated by the Cockcroft -Gault. We examined the prevalence of CKD in correlation with age and chronic diseases. Results: Th e highest prevalence (51.1%) of CKD stage III is found in the elderly group patients (75 – 84 years). The mean value for serum creatinine is a high value (59.4 ml/min ± 9.3) and it has a direct correlation with hypertensive patients (p < 0.001) and not with age (p> 0.001) in the study group. The highest risk factor for stroke was CKD stage III (p < 0.05, Odds ratio = 2.34, 95% confidence interval). In diabetic patients there is an increase in serum creatinine and renal damage seen in diabetics who had no previous stroke. Conclusions: Ageing, cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, stroke) and diabetes are risk factors for CKD. Early recognition of CKD may help slow the disease progression, prevent complications and reduce all cause cardiovascular mortality. Accurate estimation of glomerular fi ltration rate is vital for early detection and drug interactions at the elderly with comorbidities. Given the high prevalence of CKD and low awareness among patients and even healthcare providers, spreading basic information is needed to improve the management of patients with CKD.

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