Clinical profile of patients with chronic heart failure and diabetes

Introduction: Diabetes, a frequent comorbidity in patients with heart failure, influences the clinical characteristics in patients hospitalized for chronic heart failure. The objective of the study was to analyze the clinical characteristics of patients with chronic heart failure and diabetes, hospitalized in the Internal Medicine Clinic of the Clinical Emergency Hospital of Bucharest over a period of 6 months, as compared with those without diabetes. Methods: A total of 412 patients with chronic heart failure were included. Clinical and laboratory variables, along with the treatment, were retrospectively reviewed from the hospital database. Results: From the 412 patients hospitalized with chronic heart failure, 67 were diabetics (16.26%). The main comorbidities in the group of patients with heart failure and diabetes were: 48 patients had arterial hypertension (71.64%), 43 dyslipidemia (64.17%), 38 ischemic heart disease (56.71%), 33 valvular diseases (49.25%), 21 chronic kidney disease (31.34%), 20 atrial fi brillation (29.85%), 18 dilatative cardiomyopathy (26.86%), 13 pulmonary hypertension (19.40%). Heart failure patients with diabetes were younger (mean age 65 ± 2 years vs 71 ± 3 years) and had a higher prevalence of ischemic etiology and atrial fibrillation comparing with heart failure patients without diabetes. 86.56% of heart failure patients with diabetes were obese; only 32.75% of those without diabetes were obese. Conclusions: Heart failure patients with diabetes had higher short-term mortality and duration of hospitalization compared with patients without diabetes; also, they were younger than non-diabetic patients. Diabetic patients with heart failure had greater body mass index than heart failure patients without diabetes and were more likely to have more advanced renal disease.

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