Cyto – histological aspects in cardiovascular pathology during 1999 – 2011

Purpose: During the 10 years studied cytology was collected from patients with clinical signs of pericarditis, respectively pleurisy, noticing the following aspects of cytology, much of which was confi rmed by histopathology. There have been a total of 921 pleural fluid cytology representing pericardial, ascites, tumor puncture, or hemorrhagic purulent collections, etc. Material and methods: We examined 404 pleural fluids, 437 pericardial fl uids, 27 ascites fluids, 5 bronchial secretions, 22cervical-vaginal cytology, 1 synovial fluid, 1 cerebrospinal fluid, 2 mammary secretions punctures, 4 wounds, 7 tumor punctures, 3 cystic punctures, 6 wounds effusion (abscesses), 2 mediastinal fluid. MGG-engineering was used for smears examined. Results: Of the 245 fl uids examined, poor pericardial fluid cellular fibrinous pericarditis were 83 cases, 45 cases neoplastic pericarditis (confirmed HP), 36 acute purulent pericarditis, 4 cases houses pericarditis, 14 cases hemorrhagic pericarditis, and 10 cases serous pericarditis. Of pleural fluid, we found aspects of poor cellular inflammatory polymorphic processes, sometimes purulent, with consecutive reactions and rare mesothelial malignant cytology. Cervico-vaginal cytology revealed no malignancy problems (I or II PAP, inflammatory or infectious, some with trichomonas). Conclusions: Prevalent cytology in our institution was the pericardial fluid and pleural showing a cyto-histological concordance of 90%.

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