Editor–in–chief – at the beginning of her mandate

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Carmen Ginghina1,2

1 University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”
2 Cardiology Department, Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr. C.C. Iliescu” Bucharest, Romania

Contact address: Carmen Ginghina, Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr. C.C. Iliescu” Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: [email protected]

I was elected editor-in-chief of the Romanian Journal of Cardiology by the Board of the Romanian Society of Cardiology during its meeting of December 2015. This journal began to be published in 1947 under the title of Revue Roumaine de Cardiologie and Basil Teodorescu was its first editor-in-chief. The journal was edited in French by the Romanian Society of Cardiology, headed by Daniel Danielopolu. During the communist dictatorship, that is between 1948 and 1990, the publication of the journal was interrupted. In 1991 the journal resumed its activity. Professor Costin Carp was editor-in-chief and the editorial team was composed of Eduard Apetrei, Cezar Macarie and Caius Streian – as editors, and Carmen Ginghina – as secretary. The editorial board was composed of 22 cardiologists from across the country. Original Romanian articles began to be published in the journal. In the first years, the journal was issued 1 to 3 times per year. In 2005, a new editorial staff was elected. The editorial staff was made up of Eduard Apetrei (editor-inchief), Carmen Ginghina (deputy editor), Cezar Macarie and Radu Căpâlneanu (editors), Ruxandra Jurcuţ, Costel Matei, Bogdan A. Popescu, Mihaela Rugină (coeditors), Mihaela Sălăgean (secretary). The editorial board consisted of 49 members, 25 of them being cardiologists from Europe. In all the 10 years under editorship of Professor Eduard Apetrei, the journal made serious progress: there were 4 issues per year plus 2-3 supplements; since 2010, the Romanian Journal of Cardiology has published all its articles in English; it has had a section of Updates in Cardiology; since 2012 a section of medical news has been published under the title ALMANAC, with Heart’s permission. Since 2009, Romanian Journal of Cardiology has been included in EBSCO international data base and in August 2012 in Index Copernicus. The Romanian Journal of Cardiology was chosen in 2012 to be indexed in the European Journal of Cardiology search engine. The Journal is sent free of charge to all members of the Romanian Society of Cardiology, to all foreign members of the editorial board and to 17 national libraries. My election as editor-in-chief involves taking over new responsibilities and brings about new aspirations. I wish the contributors to the journal to be as many Romanian and foreign cardiologists as possible. I wish original articles should prevail the editorial board. I wish the case presentations and images to be as varied and as original as possible, so as to draw the readers’ attention. I would like many young cardiologists with research studies on extremely varied topics to compete in the journal’s contests and win its prizes. I would like the style and language of the articles to be clear, elegant and concise. Furthermore, I would like the journal should meet the rules that would qualify it as a reputed publication, to be read with interest and hold a prominent place in the libraries of various hospitals. I will create a team, a board made up of two groups: enthusiastic Romanian cardiologists that are eager to write, eager to “gather” skilled and hardworking people around the journal, and another group of foreign cardiologists to “raise” the Journal’s level by providing it with a new face. I will collaborate with Media Med Publicis under the best conditions, since I consider it to be part of the success of the Romanian Journal of Cardiology. My hope is to succeed in achieving all these aims and aspirations and thus improve the quality of the Romanian cardiologists’ professional life…

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