Facets of heart failure in patients with thyroid dysfunction

Introduction: T he association between heart failure and symptoms of thyroid disease is more and more common.
Objective: To analyze the frequency of association of cardiac insufficiency with thyroid pathology and the modalities of presentation of the association of these two pathologies in patients admitted to Medical Clinic of St. Spiridon Hospital Iasi for a period of 1 year. Methods: The data recorded in the hospital database between 01.01.2017-31.12.2017 were analyzed retros-pectively. For the whole group of patients the parame-ters of systolic and diastolic function were measured by echocardiogram and correlated with types of thyroid dysfunction and comorbidities.
Results: From the 1110 patients with chronic heart fa-ilure were admitted in this interval, 284 (25.22%) were diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction. 131 (46.12%) of the patients had hyperthyroidism and 153 (53.87%) patients had hypothyroidism. The distribution of the NYHA class of heart failure in the study group was 65.64% NYHA II, 27.46% NYHA III, and 6.69% NYHA IV. One hundred and one (35.56%) of the patients with chronic heart failure and thyroid dysfunction experien-ced atrial fibrillation, and in 74 patients the association between heart failure, cardiac dysfunction, high blood pressure and fibrillation was observed. Other major co-morbidities in the study group were chronic kidney di-sease and anemic syndrome. Most patients who associ-ated chronic heart failure and thyroid dysfunction were female, were in the NYHA class II of heart failure and were classified with hypothyroidism.
Conclusions: T he prognosis is related to patient age, late diagnosis, lack of control of heart rhythm disorders and heart failure. The importance of recognizing the effects of thyroid disease on cardiac activity is suppor-ted by the observation that resumption of normal thy-roid function significantly improves cardiovascular he-modynamic status.

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