Framigham or SCORE risk – useful markers for predicting arterial stiffness in apparently healthy population?

Introducere: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk scores are recommended for cardiovascular risk stratification. However, no risk score includes markers of subclinical atherosclerosis especially in asymptomatic population. Objective: To determine whether SCORE or Framin-gham risk score is better associated with the presence of arterial stiffness in asymptomatic persons.
Methods: 120 healthy subjects, aged 35-75, have been randomized from the general population over a two-year period. Based on the comprehensive risk factor assessment, the 10-year CVD risk scores SCORE and Framingham were calculated. Arterial stiffness has been evaluated by using Arteriograph® device and de-termined PWV (pulse wave velocity), SBPao (central systolic blood pressure) and brachial and aortic aug-mentation indexes (AIXbr, AIXao). Statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS v.20 software.
Results: Mean age of participants was 51.87±10.64. For PWV, the correlations were significant for Fra-mingham (r=0.482; p<0.001; 95%CI: 0.339-0.612) and SCORE (r=0.412; p<0.001; 95%CI: 0.282-0.532), si-milar results being obtained for SBPao (Framingham: r=0.500; p<0.001; 95%CI: 0.357-0.623 and SCORE: r=0.484; p<0.001; 95%CI: 0.354-0.596). Abnormal PWV values were better associated with Framingham (AUC=0.715; p=0.002; 95%CI: 0.613-0.817) than SCO-RE (AUC=0.666; p=0.015; 95%CI: 0.545-0.787). The augmentation indexes were slightly better associated with SCORE: for AIXbr (SCORE: r=0.275; p=0.004; 95%CI: 0.082-0.108; Framingham: r=0.250; p=0.008; 95%CI: 0.036-0.461) and for AIXao (SCORE: r=0.280; p=0.003; 95%CI: 0.113-0.431; Framingham: r=0.256; p=0.007; 95%CI: 0.040-0.467).
Conclusions: In a group of healthy subjects, both Fra-mingham and SCORE risk scores were statistically associated with arterial stiffness markers. However, PWV and SBPao had superior correlations with Fra-mingham while augmentation indexes with SCORE risk. For clinical use, both high risk scores can signal increased arterial stiffness.

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