Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in atrial fibrillation patients without structural cardiac disease

Introduction: The principal objective is comparing left atrial (LA) remodeling and left ventricular DD in subgroups of patients with or without paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) and with or without essential hypertension (HTN). Methods: Echocardiography parameters: We studied the following parameters: 1. LA dimensions – maximal, endsistolic, before mitral valve opening: a. LA length – parasternal long axis M mode – Lad ; b. LA transversal length – apical, 4 chamber 2D – Lat ; c. LA longitudinal – apical, 4 chamber 2D – Lal 2. LA surface – apical, 4 chamber 2D – Las 3. Maximum E and A wave velocity – pulsed Doppler at MV apex 4. E/A ratio 5. E wave deceleration time – TDE Results: We studied 128 patients, from which 65 (50.78%) without HTN and 63 (49.21%) with HTN. PAF was present in 64 (50%) from the total numbers. Th e normotensive group was subdivided in two: the control group without PAF (nHTN-nPAF group), n = 33 (50.76%) and the group with PAF (nHTN – PAF group) n = 32 (49.23%). The control group included 21 female (63.63%) and 10 obese patients. The PAF group included 18 female (56.25%) and 9 obese patients. Th ere was no significant difference between the two normotensive groups obese regarding population characters Conclusions: The LA diameters are larger in PAF patients. HTN leads to supplemental LA increase. The number of PAF episodes does not influence LA diameters. The patients’ gender does not change much the statistical data, with higher diameters in PAF and HTN patients.

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