Looking into medical journals between the two world wars

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From the first year of the journal “București Medical”, number 5, we found about the existence of two scientific societies „Societatea Medicală a Spitalelor din București”, founded in 1919, whose President was Prof. Danielopolu and General Secretary Dr. N.G. Lupu and „Cercul medical” Society with Dr. I. Goldenberg as president and Dr. A. Avramovici as general secretary.
We read that in the meetings from March 1929 (two sessions were held per month) among other communications, Dr. Basil Theodorescu – internist and Dr. A. Hagi Paraschiv – pathologist (father of Mrs. Dr. Liliana Hagi Paraschiv – exceptional pathologist who worked in ASCAR Hospital), communicate a case of Roger disease and aortic diastolic murmur interpreted by the authors as the product of the association ventricular septal defect (VSD) with aortitis. It is noted that up to that time it was knew only three cases who associate a diastolic murmur besides auscultatory signs of VSD. Today we know the mechanism in diastolic murmur in membranous VSD due to Laubry and Pezzi.

Eduard Apetrei

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