Professor Vasile Cândea (1932-2020) the perspective of the vascular surgery

Results: The major progress made in the diagnosis and in the treatment of the patients with cardiac and vascular diseases, due to the introduction of new materials, techniques and technologies, represents the result of the sustained scientific activity, including education, research, inventions and innovations as well as its application into practice during the XX-th century and the begining of the XXI-st century. Romanian vascular surgeons do Professor Doctor Honoris Causa Va-sile Candea (Lisa-Vânători, 1932 – Bucharest, 2020), Member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences, President (1994-2016) and Honorary President after that of the Academy of Scientists from Romania, homage in 2020. Professor of Cardiovascular surgery at the Univesity of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Manager (1995-2002) of The Institute of Emergency for Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr. C.C. Iliescu“, Bucharest, President (2002-2006) of the Romanian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery and Editor-in Chief and Founding Editor (2002-2011) of the Romanian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, In-ternational Secretary General (1997-2013) and Honorary Secretary General after that of the Balkan Medical Union and Editor-in Chief (1997-2016) of the Archives of Balkan Medical Union, he is co-author of „Shock”, the monography published in Romanian, 1973,1980, English and in Russian and Coordinator of the first Romanian treatise on Vascular surgerry, published in Bucharest, 2001. The Clinic Center of Emergency for Cardiovascular Diseases bearing his name „Academician Vasile Candea”, is located at the Central Military Emergency Universitary Hospital „Dr. Carol Davila”, in Bucharest.

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