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Carmen Ginghina

1 “Prof. Dr. C. C. Iliescu” Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Bucharest, Romania
2 “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania


I would really appreciate if you can spend a few minutes of your time to read the following lines. Maybe some of you know me as a professor (profa!) of cardiology, but few know me as the editor-in-chief of the Romanian Journal of Cardiology. In fact, I have obtained this title a little while ago – since December 2015, when Professor Eduard Apetrei proposed me as his successor in the journal’s managing board. Therefore, making me in charge with the journal’s responsibility, I have felt that “Everything depends on inkwells… and this woman can only live when dressed in ink and this horse and this key guarding a stuffed bird. It all depends on the inkwells Everything depends on ink colour” George Almosnino “Depinde” (It depends) Laguna, 1971


It looks good on the outside: it has a cover reminiscent of the European Heart Journal. It has a few images of the current number that are meant to attract viewers and open their appetite to read the journal. Some strong colours – red and blue – are also added so as to get fixed on the retina… When you open it you are able to see the composition of the Romanian Society of Cardiology – from its Chairman up to its members. Last but not least, those who are helping me today to make up the journal: the two “deputy editors”: G.L.Nicolosi and B.A. Popescu; editors: D. Dobreanu, M.S. Martin, T. Nanea, G. Tatu-Chiţoiu; associate editors: D. Cosma, R. Jurcuţ, C. Matei, M. Rugină; the journal’s secretary M. Sălăgean; of course, E. Apetrei as the last editor-in-chief, and the journal’s founder, C. Carp. They were chosen on grounds of respect and sympathy… For instance, G.L. Nicolosi gave a strong impulse to the Italian Heart Journal – changing its name and focus, causing it to enter in the group of publications agreed by ISI; in addition, a series of Romanian people began echocardiography in his clinic.

The editorial board includes a number of well known names in cardiology (L. Badano, D. V. Cokkinos, G. Derumeaux, G. Fontaine, A. Fraser, A. Goudev, A. Heagerty, A. Kamesky, A. Keren, M. Komajda, M. Ghe- orghiade, G. Marcia, A. Manolis, P. Nillson, F. Pinto, J. Re- don, W. Remme, M. Tendera, P. Vardas, M. Vugimaa) and cardiologists from Romanian, whereto we have added some important names today such as: L. Petrescu, A. Ionac, A. Petriş, F. Mitu, M. Rădoi. The content follows: an editorial, an original article (only one!), two general essays, four case presentations, two on imaging and a review of cardiology actualities. All in English. Then, the Romanian translation of European Society of Cardiology Guidelines. And that’s all… How did the journal rank? It was one of the journals accepted by CNCSIS (Romanian National Council for Sci- entific Research in Higher Education) with grade B. How is it now? Acceptable – but without glare. When browsing – it looks good, but it still “demands” more writers. There lacks a coalition to support it. Coalitions are forms of temporary alliances that occur because of common goals and interests. The real basis of the occurrence and durability of coalitions is partnership.

There are no guaranteed successful partnerships, but only functional partnerships, whose common objectives are transformed into results by members of the partnership. The prophet says that “what is lawful is clear and what is not according to the law is also quite clear. Between the two is all that is ambiguous, i.e. what people generally don’t know. The one who manages to avoid doubt saves his/her honour and faith” (Rydadh- us Salaheen). We must succeed to constitute ourselves into people that write “to the point”, maybe at first timid or forced by circumstances, and then with increasingly greater confidence in their own powers.


We would like the journal to be “alive”, to receive articles from you, from your masters, from friends, colleagues and students. We would like you to send original articles. To “interlard” them with e-books, videos… Thereby arguing your reputation and visibility. And to contribute in raising the journal’s level. At this moment we were told that we don’t “deserve” a higher title, however we are not far from it. Let’s try to encourage people who apparently are not that self-confident to speak loudly or to present their successes. These invisible people are able to express themselves freely; freedom will come based on assumed authenticity. It seems like a drop in an ocean, but this drop will form concentric circles. They say that ideological war re-erupts in Europe. Europe is not at war, unless we define the front line within the European construct. If Europe were to conduct a war, then it should be made especially against itself, especially with those who were least concerned of the Muslim communities at the margins of society that slipped back into the Dark Ages. In Europe, the battle for precise writing, based on evidence, is infallible! And, as André Malraux alleged, “culture is what makes man more than a simple accident in the universe”. Help us! Thus, the Journal and medical publishing in Romania will win…

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