Stent-graft angioplasty for aortic coarctation

Introduction: We present a clinical case of stent graft angioplasty for aortic coarctation in a patient who refused surgery. Methods: A 35 years patient without a history of significant pathology is directed to our clinic for evaluation of hypertension. Echocardiographic examination revealed an association between bicuspid aortic and aortic coarctation of the descending aorta. Cardiac catheterization, the gold standard in pre-operative assessment or before interventional treatment, revealed a pre-post stenotic gradient of 31 mm Hg, corresponding to a hemodynamically significant coarctation. The investigation done proved the need for surgical correction of aortic defect, but, given the patient’s refusal of the surgery, we decided to perform angioplasty with stent graft of the defect. Results: Post procedural, patient’s evolution was favorable with normalization of blood pressure and disappearance of clinical symptoms. Conclusions: Although the surgery has proven to be an effective therapeutic option for the management of aortic coarctation, stent graft angioplasty represents an efficient, minimally invasive technique for high risk patients or patients who refuse surgery.

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