Tertiary center survey of patient awareness regarding oral anticoagulant therapy

Introduction: Patient compliance is an essential factor in obtaining an efficient oral anticoagulation with antivitamin K drugs (AVK), a situation with a narrow therapeutic window. Therefore, patients’ education and awareness are crucial to a good management. The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the knowledge and perceptions about AVK therapy in a group of hospitalized patients. Methods: This study included 94 hospitalized chronically anticoagulated patients (mean age: 62.9 ± 12.5 years; men 43%) who responded to a 25 item questionnaire to assess their knowledge on AVK therapy management. Results: The majority of patients (63%) were receiving AVK for atrial fibrillation, the others having a mechanical prosthesis and previous thromboembolic disease or stroke. A third of the patients also received antiplatelet therapy. Regarding patient education, 81% received information on AVK benefi ts, 76% were explained AVK associated risks. However 21% patients do not know their target INR. Only a third of patients respect the recommended timing of INR monitoring. In this population, only 23.2% presented a history of bleeding while on AVK, mainly non-severe. There was no difference in AVK management between sexes, education level and leaving area. Young patients (<55 years) had a better knowledge of correct INR values. Conclusions: In a tertiary cardiology center, patients receiving AVK are frequently followed-up by their cardiologists. However, up to a quarter of the number of patients are not completely informed on treatment benefi ts and risks, expected treatment duration or target INR. Evaluation of the level of knowledge and awareness on AVK in treated patients can help us tailor special programs of patient education

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