The correlation between the treatment with nebivolol and the inflammatory status biomarker in patients undergoing coronary angioplasty depending on the stent’s length

Introduction: Evaluation of nebivolol effects on the level of inflammatory biomarker – hs-CRP in patients exposed to percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) depending on the length of the stent.
Methods: The study included 100 patients with stable angina pectoris undergoing percutaneous coronary in-terventions who started the treatment with nebivolol 5mg per day tangent to the conventional treatment and were exposed to PCI with stent implantation, depen-ding on the stent’s length they were divided in three groups: I group – 14 patients with implanted stent’s length≤15 mm, II group – 57 subjects with implanted stent’s length=15-30 mm and the III group -29 cases where the implanted stent’s length was ≥30 mm. In all the groups was appreciated in blood the hs-CRP. This marker was assessed preprocedural, postprocedural (after 24 hours) and at interval of one month after co-ronary angioplasty.
Results: The testing of the marker’s initial level was remarked due to its high values: the I group 6.2±1.2, the group 5.8±0.99 and the III group 5.04±0.7 mg/l. Post-procedural biomarker’s serum concentration increased in the first group by 11.6±2.4 mg/l, in the II group-7.5±1.1 and the III group- 6.6±1.2 mg/l. At the stage of 1 month, on the backroung of the treatment with nebivolol, marker’s concentration decreased vs. initial level: in the I group constituting 3.4±0.53 (p>0.05), the II group- 3.2±0.6 mg/l (p>0.05) and the III group-2.93 ±0.48 mg/l (p<0.01).
Conclusions: In patients with stable angina pectoris elevated level of hs-CRP reveals the presence of an advanced and expanded atherosclerotic process. The stent implantation procedure induced the accentuati-on of inflammatory status, and the 1-month nebivolol treatment favored the decrease of hs-CRP serum con-centration in all groups by 58% vs baseline.

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