The influence of the treatment with nebivolol vs bisoprolol on biomarkers of oxidative stress in patients with stable angina pectoris undergoing coronary angioplasty

Objective: Evaluation of the effects of nebivolol vs. bisoprolol on the biomarkers of the antioxidating system-superoxidedismutase (SOD) and pro-oxidant status- malondialdehyde (MDA) in patients exposed to percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).
Methods: The study included 162 patients with stable angina pectoris undergoing PCI, who were divided in two groups: the I group – 100 patients who were ad-ministered nebivolol 5 mg/day and the II group – 62 patients who were administered bisoprolol 10 mg/day tangential to the conventional treatment. The level of SOD and MDA was assessed: preprocedural, postpro-cedural (after 24 hours) and at the interval of 1 month, 3, 6, 12 months after PCI.
Results: Preprocedural was determined the level of SOD compromised: group I- 957.8±66.9 and in group II- 874±41.7 u/c in comparison with the reference pat-tern- 1075.28±16.5 u/c, but the level of MDA increased: group I- 10.2±0.9 and in group II-11.8±0.9 vs the con-trol group- 4.81±0.43 μM/L. Post procedural was ob-served the maintenance SOD activity accompanied by the elevation of MDA level. At the period of 12 months the level of SOD in the first group recorded a value sta-tistically significant -1195.4±60.4 (p<0.001) compared to group II, where the level of SOD concentration de-preciates being- 805.1 u/c. At the same time, the level of MDA continues to shrink in the first group being 7.3±1.4 compared with pronounced elevation marker in group II- 12.8±2.5 μM/L.
Conclusions: Unlike bisoprolol, nebivolol administra-tion was reflected by an antioxidant effect, confirmed by the increasing of SOD with 24.8% vs. the baseline level accompanied by the decrease of MDA with 28.7%.

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