The pattern of aortic diameters in children with congenital aortopathies

Introduction: Congenital aortopathies (CAo) are part of a broad spectrum of aortic diseases in children, be-ing important due to asymptomatic and severe compli-cations that they can develop instantly.
Objective: The study was conducted on children with CAo for researching risk factors that can develop com-plications, by implementing a Z score of aortic diame-ters after Detroit.
Methods: T he pediatric sample consisted of 71 chil-dren, selected from the Cardiology Clinic. Particulari-ties of CAo were established based on clinical-paracli-nical assessment. The aortic morphometry was perfor-med by color Echo-CG doppler with the calculation of aortic diameters at 5 levels (valvular ring, Valsalva si-nus, sino-tubular junction, ascending aorta, aortic arch and descending aorta). Z-score was calculated online via Z-Scores of Cardiac Structures of Detroit.
Results: Data were evaluated in 71 children with an ave-rage age of 9.26±1.7 years, boys / girls ratio of 2:1. De-pending on the Z scores (calculated on the same body surface), we obtained two lots: Lot I – with CAo with aortic dilatation (AoD) – 42.30% and group II – witho-ut AoD – 57.7%. At the root of the aorta (valvular ring, Valsalva sinus, sinotubular junction) in the first batch diameter – 26.03 mm, group II 25.14 mm, p>0.05. The aortic ascending diameter – 24.31±0.79 mm in lot I and 22.86±1.02 mm in lot II, p>0.05. Aortic arch diameter in lot I – 19.6±0.49 mm, lot II-15.73±0.63 mm, p<0.001. Descendant aorta diameter lot I – 21.63±0.49 mm, lot II 18.0±0.72 mm, p<0.001.
Conclusions: Children with CAo require lifelong fo-llow-up indifferent of the initial treatment strategy (medical, interventional or surgical), based on aortic morphometry aimed at preventing severe complicati-ons such as dilation, aneurism, dissection or aortic rup-ture.

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