The profile of some cardiovascular risk factors at patients with heart failure with low ejection fraction comparatively with preserved ejection fraction

Objective: To investigate some aggravating factors of heart failure with low ejection fraction versus heart fa-ilure with preserved ejection fraction
Methods: A total of 77 patients with heart failure were enrolled with an average age of 68.6±11.14 years, 50.64% women admitted in the Rehabilitation Hosphi-tal, Cluj-Napoca, department of Cardiology. The pa-tients with moderate efection fraction were excluded. All patiens were evaluated echocardiographic and for cardiovascular risk factors. Heart failure was defined according ESC 2016 criteria.
Results: 64% of patiens had low ejection fracti-on (≤40%) and 36% had preserved ejection fracti-on (≥50%). NT proBNP values in both groups were 4946±3579.50 pg/ml (FE <40%) vs. 2033.9±2116.61 pg/ml (EF>50%). The acid uric level was higher in the group with heart failure with low ejection fracti-on (8.72±3.67 mg/dl) compared with the other group (7.76±2.04 mg/dl). In both groups, there was a sig-nificant direct correlation between Nt-proBNP and uric acid (in the low ejection fraction group: r=0.58, p=0.0013 and in the second group r=0.58, p=0.0001). In the group with preserved ejection fraction there was a significant positive correlation between uric acid and cholesterol (r=0.19, p=0.006). There was no sig-nificant correlation between uric acid level and LDL, HDL, or hemoglobin level. Regarding the triglyceride level, the correlation was significant (r=0.26, p=0.05). In the group with low ejection frcation, the correlati-on between uric acid and cholesterol was indirect, with statistical significance (r=0.40, p=0.03). No significant correlation has been found between uric acid level and LDL cholesterol, trycliceride or hemoglobin. Instead, correlation with HDL cholesterol level was indirect and significant (r=0.38, p=0.04).
Conclusions: NT proBNP level correlated with uric acid level may be factors of worsening heart failure, re-gardless of the ejection fraction.

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